Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Settling in to the working, school, happy, fun ... life!

Hey - I just want to say that having a chance to live on our own, budget, work, go to school and try to find time together has been so fun. We hit a wall recently because we go our very first bill yesterday from the gas company, I'm not complaining, because it wasn't for very much, but it was unexpected. Also, pictures are coming of our apartment, but in the move we some how lost cords for our camera, so we're working on it. We love our apartment, it's the perfect size for us - we have all our cute stuff up, except for our pictures (we are dragging our feet on that), but all will be put together soon. We're also enjoying our cooler weather, I've put our fans into storage, now we can just open the windows and enjoy the fall breeze! We hope you're all doing well - drop us a line! Love, love!!