Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No snow in Logan?

We're kind of confused, but not sad, about the fact that we don't have any snow in Logan. We're loving the nice weather, although it's pretty nippy. The end of the semester is coming in a hurry, we both are feeling good about how we're doing in our classes, Matt works so hard there's no way he can not do well.
Also, in other good news, we got an invitation to Jessica and Craig's wedding. I've known Craig since high school and was asked to take their engagement pictures, here are a couple:Getting this invite made me think about the fact that by the time their wedding comes around Matt and I will be celebrating our sixth month anniversary. How fun! Our wedding was so incredible, we always want to go back and relive the day.
We're headed home for Thanksgiving this week and couldn't be more excited, it's always fun to spend time with the fam. Christmas is almost here, Matt and I are still puzzled about what to get everbody. We'll figure it out soon enough! Happy cold weather.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

For your baby!

Mom and I were at the mall with my aunts a few weeks ago and we saw this woman who had an adorable bag hanging from her baby's stroller. We asked her where she got it and she told us Petunia Pickle Bottom. They are online, but you have to find a local store to purchase their collections of amazingly chic bags, slings and baby bedding. Here are some samples:
They also make bags that are a little more daddy friendly:I think their products are so wonderful, I just wanted to share them with you. So visit their website and hop into a store that sells their stuff!
And remember that if there is a bag that you like I can always make a baby book to match!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monopoly for winers.

So, for those of you wondering about the title, well, Matt killed me at Monopoly last night. I really am questioning why I even like to play the game, I never win, especially against Matt or my dad. To add insult to injury I also lost at a riveting game of Jenga, I made the tower topple. On a different note the weather has gotten to the point where I get all layered and then start sweating every time I walk into a building, so I then de-layer and get cold when I go outside again. The moral of the story is that we should go back to just jacket weather, I'm realizing that I'm not ready for the freezing cold. It's amazing that we're already this far into November, Matt and I are coming up on five months of marriage!
While we were home for the weekend we saw these cute pics of my sister, dad and caran terrier Emmie at puppy training school graduation! So cute. Happy November everyone!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our first niece!

Matt became an uncle and I became an aunt for the first time on Thursday Oct. 30. Emily was born to Matt's brother Brett and his wife Jessica - she came out weighing 9 pounds 5 ounces and is 22.5 inches long (Jess is such a rock star!). Emily baby is also the first grandchild for Matt's parents, and only the third girl in three generations of Andersons - and we are all so thrilled for Brett and Jess!
On a side note, we've started listening to Christmas music!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Carnival!

Matt and I helped pull off pumpkin bowling at the kid's carnival on Thursday. There was a huge turn-out and our event seemed to be very well-liked. Kids came dressed as princesses and super heroes - it was so fun to see their creativity when it came to their costumes. We frosted cookies, limboed, ate caramel apples and chomped donuts on a string. The event was a fantastic success for the married student area government - congrats to all those who participated in the planning and executing, it was so fun!! Matt dressed up as Alfalfa (I was so impressed with his hairdo which he did himself), and I put my hair in French braid pig-tails to somewhat resemble Darla.

Friday came and we were so excited to head to mom and dad's house for Halloween, Talin and Jen (and the baby in the belly!) came in from Cali and we celebrated in Guitar Hero style! Allie and my aunt Jill were the only ones to dress up, the rest of us were kind-of party poopers. Mom cooked up a feast of chili and corn chowder, we're still full the day after, yummy!
The first day of November brought shopping!! Mom, Al and I headed to the mall to meet Jill and Di for some much needed girl time. We drolled over beautiful shoes and tried on adorable coats before heading to See's Candy for some amazing sweets! We've had such a great weekend! We're now watching some football in true Fall form! Happy daylight savings everyone!