Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo of the Week #5 and my husband's birthday

My Matt turned 26 yesterday, but was too sick to go out. I planned to take him on a hot date, but instead I picked up Costa Vida and we watched movies (which I think was infinitely better). He got an XBox 360 and multiple games - we totally downloaded 'Plants vs. Zombies' and played it until all hours of the night. Well, I love my husband - he's such a wonderful man! You know, he is so much fun! I am the luckiest, by far!
So, a hearty happy birthday to my man - even though it was yesterday.
Our photos of the day are of him...
on graduation day!
 with our good friend Chris on his (Chris') wedding day!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo of the week #4

   It has been a crazy, albeit slow, week. I got on Facebook yesterday to find a huge ordeal unfolding right before my eyes. Jonathan Canlas and Ryan Muirhead, both prominent photographers from Utah, had been totally ripped off. A young girl from Bountiful had taken their photos, placed her watermark on them, posted them on her blog and claimed them to be hers. She did the same with photos from, at least, 4 other photographers. It was absolute insanity. I was in shock - totally obsessed.
   This just goes to show that nothing on the internet is safe. Also, when choosing a photographer, make sure that you do some digging. Talk to some of their former clients if you can. Get a sense of who they are and pay close attention to their style - if there is a huge difference in style over a short period of time, you might want to check in to that. Just be smart and cautious when it comes to spending your money. 
   Another thing to remember, copyright infringement is illegal. Stealing is illegal.
   So, on that note, my photos of the week will come from personal sources. Even though I always give credit to the photographers I feature on this blog, I will now be a little more scrutinizing about how I deal with such things. Remember to always ask for permission when using another's photos - even if it's just to put them up on your personal blog. As a photographer I now understand to the full extent what that means.  
   Our photos of the week are as follows:
   My mom was on the drill team in high school. She's been having me help her scan pictures in from those days - she loves putting them on Facebook! They are so fun to look at! My mom is the middle.
   Next is one of my mom and dad right before they got married!
   I love this one!
    Have a wonderful weekend! 

Monday, February 14, 2011


   It's Valentine's Day! So, happy V-day to a husband who is amazingly kind, a fabulous find and the one that's always on my mind! Matt and I met in the Fall of 2006, we both lived in Merrill Hall on the Utah State campus. I don't know where I would be without him - I'm so glad I have someone to experience the adventure of life with.
   One of my single friends on Facebook posted that she's so glad to be single and her passport shows just how much. I know that I haven't been all over the world but one day I will get to experience all of that with my wonderful husband - we're all different, things happen for us on many different time tables. What I love is that people are happy, I love that my Facebook friend is blissful in her travels. How cool is it that we are all able to see the world? It's there for us, and it will be there when Matt and I get around to seeing it.
   We make plans and sometimes they get interrupted, but I have to say that it's the interruptions that make the whole journey worth while.
   So, here's to love, adventures and always having something that makes us happy. In the end it's how we have lived our lives that will define us. I'm proud to be the wife of a wonderful man, a man who would do anything for me. I'm proud of the life I live. No, I haven't been to the Eiffel Tower, the Wall of China or even Washington D.C., but I have someone to cherish all of those moments with once we get there.
   I love you, Matt! I can't wait to drive down the road with you, let alone see the beaches of Cape Verde with you!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo of the Week: #3

   This week's photo comes from the ever-amazing Rebekah Westover. Now, we have a personal connection to Rebekah, she shot our wedding - and she is one of my photographer idols! She makes her own style, never follows trends just because everyone else is. She creates for herself - that's the most important thing when you're in this business. You can catch a great Q&A session with Rebekah here.

   I had a hard time picking just one of her photos - they are all amazing!
   And now, a picture of us taken by Rebekah!

   This week went by really slow. Things slowed down at work - and when that happens I tend to die of boredom, and I don't have a Dwight Schrute to revive me. So, I got through the week on listening to my Justin Bieber station on Pandora (don't judge, some of his songs are catchy, and I really don't feel too ashamed, apparently 'Glee' will have Bieber Fever next week).
   I've been a bit disappointed by 'Glee' lately, with the exception of their 'Thriller/Heads Will Roll' mash-up. I think the story has taken a bit of a dive and they don't sing as much as they used to - and when they do the songs aren't that exciting. 
   Matt and I have become addicted to 'Bones.' I started watching it about a month ago - you can watch seasons 1-5 on Netflix. One day Matt came home and I was watching it, he got hooked and now he won't let me watch it without him.
   Here's hoping you have a fabulous weekend!
   Much love!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too cute to not share

My brother, Talin his wife, Jen and son, Ezra are so adventurous and of course they live in the best place to have adventures!! What fun!
I was reading their blog this morning and I had to share this!

They rented a surrey - how cool is that? Oh, and that's Harvey sitting next to Ezra in the surrey. 
Tal - we have to do this the next time we come out there!!
Much love on this Tuesday!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Photo of the Week #2

   I totally missed our photo of the week last week. I was sick on Friday, nothing serious - just annoying. I made my way to Salt Lake to see my fam for about 24 hours, I then came home and Matt and I made our way to the temple to support his cute cousin in receiving her endowment. So, it was another busy weekend, filled with much sweetness!
   You will be getting two photos of the week this week. I love it!
   This one comes from the ah-mazing Lindsey Stewart, owner of Green Apple Photography right here in Utah. She's fabulous - shoots with film and rocks the house!
   I totally love the simplicity of this photo - so serene.

   Can't believe it's Monday again - but we'll get through it together! Here's to milk mustaches and pirate adventures!
   A picture of our nephew! We love! An extra photo of the week for you - maybe I will do two each week, one personal and one from some other peeps.
   My brother, sister-in-law and newphew (the one photoed below) went to the beach yesterday - have you ever seen me super jealous? Well, here it is :)

   Much love to you on this Monday - have one of those weeks that make you laugh so hard you pee a little!