Saturday, May 14, 2011

What we Love About Film

   I really didn't know what I was missing when it comes to shooting film. Matt and I were on the fence about taking the film camera to New York, but after Matt saw the film photos I had developed today he said, 'We're definitely taking film to New York!' I really fell in love with these shots. There are more to come, including some of a guy on a motorcycle.
   One of my favorite flowers (I think my absolute favs are Peonies)!
   Mom and dad's puppy Toby - we love him!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Photos and More Photos

   I've been pretty busy lately with four grad shoots and one bearded man shoot within the last week. I have photos coming out my ears - or at least my hard drive! I've had such a great time incorporating new things I've learned, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting better. Anyway, I hope you all know that all the royal photos I put up last week collectively equal our photos of the week. 
   Well, less than 50 days till our New York trip! We are so excited we can't stand it! We'll buy our Broadway, Mets and MOMA tickets today, plus a fun NYC travel book we saw at Hastings on Friday. Warm weather is coming on fast - the sky was so beautiful for my photo shoot with my baby sis this weekend! We had a great time! Here's a little preview!
   Happy Monday!