Monday, September 13, 2010

Makin' me smile ;)

I promised I'd put this video up for my Relief Society sisters - so here you go! Sorry I couldn't get the internet connection to show it to you on Sunday.
Here's another favorite right now. Taylor Swift's newest! Enjoy and have a wonderful week!
Love, E

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I don't usually

Rant. I don't usually rant. But, I have a small one. We were on our way home from taking a couple pics of my sister on Monday and we saw this.
Now, this is a normal sight as we drive down the road. But, it made me wonder, how much did this stretch (about 2 miles) cost the city of Sandy, Utah? I understand that it looks nice, but couldn't we have spent the money to pay a deserving teacher a little more each year? I know that the great people in the Canyons school district don't need the money (scoff), but teachers in other districts (like Jordan, the district the Canyons spat on as they drove by in their Escalades last year) need that money. 
My husband is an educator and couldn't even find a job teaching this last year because of never-ending budget cuts. Schools in Utah, except Canyons, can't afford it. 
So, I see this large cement barrier, with trees and flowers planted in it, as a big waste of money. A huge waste of money - you can make a street look nice without something that, no doubt, will be ripped up in a couple years as the state decides that the road needs to be widened - yet again!
There you have it - my rant for the day. They don't come along very often, but I feel I got my point across. Canyons school district can kiss their pavement and know that one day Kharma will get the best of them. Everyone deserves the right to a fair education and just because you think you're better than those of us that went to a west side school doesn't mean you are. 
The state should also think about the things they spend their money on. They should take the shopaholic view to things and ask themselves, "do I need this." 
The answer is no.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Retrospect

I've owned my photography business for over a year now. I have my seventh wedding tomorrow and I still get nervous. I feel I've come a long way since my first photo shoot. Case in point...
The first photo is my very first engagement session with Craig and Jessica. The second is one of my most recent engagement sessions with Jared and Kaitlyn.
I can see a definite difference in tone, color and quality. I'm still striving to evolve as a photographer. As soon as I started my business I realized that everyone has a photography business, but the thing you must do to stand out in the crowd is exercise your creativity. You can't be afraid to be different - most of all you have to know who you are and how you want to photograph.
Competition is fierce in this business - but I try not to think about that. As long as I'm working and having fun, I have no worries.
I'm constantly learning, getting inspiration and new ideas. The thing is, I have a hard time putting those traits to good use when I'm in the moment. I need to focus and breath when photographing. Most things I've learned have bee forced - like learning to backup EVERYTHING, and never rely on my computer - it's never reliable in my opinion (but I still love it). Other things I must force  myself to learn - or Matt will keep reminding me until I read the entire camera (flash, computer, etc.) manual. I'm trying. Promise.
I applied for new job this week and getting it will mean I have to photograph around an 8-5 job. So, we'll see what happens. Hopefully I can still get in my photos and give Matt and I a few more benefits while we live in our little apartment. Maybe we can even save up enough to go on a trip soon.
Have a great weekend - mine is starting tomorrow. Wish me luck on Chelsie and Mike's wedding.