Monday, December 5, 2011

Simpler Times

 I was helping mom decorate the Christmas tree this weekend. It's always wonderful to go through all those ornaments that mean so much to us as a family. You could pick any ornament off the tree and one of us could spout off a funny, and sentimental, story about how it ended up on our tree. Mom has kept ornaments we decorated in preschool, shellacked with glitter, sewn together with yarn, painted by numbers, with our smiling school photos stuck in the center. Mom places these trinkets on the tree with love and we giggle about the intricate work our little hands created. 
Christmas is a sentimental time for us. I was driving the other day and 'I Believe in Santa Clause' by Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton came on the radio, all of a sudden I was back in my grandma Margo's kitchen watching her cook. I teared up and felt the love we all do around this time of year. 
With all that has gone on the in the last few months, I know I'm thinking about when life was less complicated. Allie was the one to put it so poignantly while looking at one of her hand-made ornaments, 'that was a simpler time, I would go back there and stay.' Despite hard times, we have grown closer as a family. Yes those were simpler times, but I think these times are much better. We have discovered who we are and what is most important to us. These tough times are certainly what define us in this life.
I love Christmas time with family!

P.S. Ivy is doing great!! She is so strong and cute!

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