Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthdays and a bit of redecorating

    Matt's birthday was Friday and mine today. Matt always reminds me that he's older, albeit by four days, but older is older. I woke up early on Friday to make birthday breakfast for my wonderful husband before he left for a conference in Arizona. He got a gift card to the App Store, an Aggie football signed by Coach Gary Andersen and another prize that has yet to arrive. After he left for AZ, Tempe and I set to work on a big change to our front room. I know that Matt is so busy and we desperately want our little apartment to feel like home, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and paint. I put Tempe in her kennel, for obvious reasons but she still managed to get paint all over her, and painted the crap out of that wall. After that we headed to Salt Lake for a baby shower, my friend Janel is pregnant with twin boys! 
    We spent the weekend shopping with mom, Allie and my aunts Jill and Diane. We ate yummy food and Tempe got to play with her friends! We got good news about Ivy, she took two whole feedings from a bottle - how cool is that - plus her eyes are doing great after her surgery.
    When we got back to Logan on Sunday I hurried off to church to teach Sharing Time, we talked about the blessings Nephi received from following Heavenly Father, it was great fun. I love being in the Primary presidency. When I got home I put up shelves, which was a hilarious sight, I'm glad no one was there to see it. But I did it, all by myself. I am so proud of it! After that we got everything cleaned up and I went to a Primary training where our Stake President spoke about how we need to prepare and teach the children, it was perfectly edifying, he truly is a great man.
    Our friends Ammon and Emma invited me over for an Oscar party, they made such a yummy dinner, where I proceeded to only get five correct guesses, I really wanted Jonah Hill to win, but what can you do? 
    Today I am looking forward to spending time with my husband and admiring our newly decorated wall. 
    Here's to a fabulous 27th year, full of love and hope. 
    An Instagram of what our shelves look like up on the wall, the color is Valspar's Grand Hotel Mekanic Blue in an eggshell finish. Shelves and picture frame from Ikea, Allie made us the monogram, cameras from our grandparents, alligator teapot from Matt's mom, photo of Tempe by Sharon Johnson and those Mickey ears have my name on the back!

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Lindsay R said...

i like the eggshell finish. I think i'm doing that next time i paint. i love the flat look. and mickey's ears are a must!