Friday, July 25, 2014

Let's get back in the swing of things.

     I know blogging has gone on the back-burner for the last, well, forever. I have to say that the last two years have been extremely insane, but I finally feel like things will start to slow down - knock on wood. I'm two and quarter semesters away from my master's degree and I can't wait! We officially booked our flight to Honolulu for the Utah State v. Hawaii football game in early November - I'm amazed that we both decided to go and things are running smooth to get us there. The travel called for a new credit card, we had been talking about it for a while, Matt is very discerning when it comes to money - which is great, he has made me a better saver, etc. Lodging is also booked and we bought a little travel guide so we can get the most out of our trip. I know we should go and relax, but just like my mother that is not how I travel. It's fun, crazy and always moving, but mom has taught me to get out and enjoy your surroundings when you travel - it's no time for sleeping in (well, maybe a little). Matt has mellowed this a bit, he does not run on a schedule, so I think I'm molding into the best of both worlds.
     We are also planning a Disney World trip for next spring in celebration of my graduation. By the way, you will have to call me 'Master Erin' from that point on ;). This will be a trip with the whole fam and will be the 17th anniversary of the first time we went to Disney World - wow! It will also be the first visit for Ivy, Matt and Uncle Justin! All the traveling we have done in the last three years has really opened up our eyes to where we want to go and who we want to go with. I think I'm even getting Matt talked into a Europe trip sometime soon. Yay!
     We are still loving life in our neck of the woods. Can't believe the year is flying by!
Lovely friends that I have made in my master's program - next spring is my turn to dazzle in my regalia! Love these ladies!
And now, some more photos!
Ivy loves Tempe and Uncle Matt!
The cutie nieces and nephew born of my siblings!
Celebrating our sixth anniversary! What!

With dad!

With mom!
My NAFSA ladies in San Diego watching Michael Franti and Spearhead!
With Paula on the San Diego pier in a surrey with no fringe on top! 
Newport beach

Newport Beach Temple!
San Diego Temple!
Mini Disneyland adventure with Paula!
Vegas vacation with my Matt!
Tempe loves a carrot and we love her!

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