Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun-Time Weekend!

I went home to visit the fam this weekend, Matt had to work so he stayed home *sniff*. Well, we had a great time, Allie and I had a fun sister-Saturday - we went shopping and out to eat! Mom took grandma and grandpa to Venice, Utah (about three hours from Salt Lake) for a wedding. But when they got there the wedding had been canceled, so they ate lunch at grandma's cousin's house and then came right back home. Funny, huh?
So, here are a few pics and a video from the weekend!
Our Emmie girl had surgery this week, she was sleepy and very anti-hyper.Me and Allie at Applebee's on Saturday!Allie is sooooo hungry! She will eat you!The rainbow on the way home today!
And now, here's a video Talin sent us today and Allie right after she choked on her Sprite at the restaurant.

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