Monday, April 16, 2012

Feelin' Groovy

    I got new glasses this weekend. They cost only $15 here and I love them. Matt says I look like an 80-year-old grandma, but I had a coworker tell me I actually look younger - I think I will go with younger :)
    I love new looks, though. They make me feel cool, at least for a short time. I have also been busy with photos and have designed a few grad announcements and a wedding invite. I'm loving my new lens, don't know how I ever lived without it. The fam is great! I had the opportunity to take my Grandma Wilson with me to the temple on Saturday and it was such a special experience. She had not been in 30 years and I loved being able to share that time with her.
    I still have not been to City Creek, bluh. I cannot believe it - I guess I'm not supposed to go, something always comes up and I have no time to go. I will have to just go down and not let anyone know I'm there, duck into the mall and spend the whole day in awe of the glimmering newness. We'll see.
    Happy Monday to you!

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Sarah said...

Cute glasses. And that is really great you got to go to the temple for the first-ish time for her!