Monday, April 2, 2012

Temperance in All Things

    I got this idea from a fantastic blog I read, The RockStar Diaries, their bulldog, Kingsley has his own diary and I thought it was such a cute idea - all credit goes to Tazaa and Husband

    Hi! I'm Tempe. The best thing I do all day is nap with daddy, and catch my Frisbee and eat my numnums. I am almost a year old and LOVE carrots, and strawberries, and oranges - oh and apples! When mom and dad ask if I know they love me I give them a little head tilt to let them know that I know. I love them too, but cuddles are not my favorite - but I really love giving kisses. If you come over to see me I will jump up and kiss you right in the face, even if you don't want me to. I will kiss you and you will like it.
    My days are relaxed and I can't wait to go on walks when mom gets home from work. 
    Hope to see you soon, and I will kiss you.
    Until then, I am Temperance and I get into everything!

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