Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No snow in Logan?

We're kind of confused, but not sad, about the fact that we don't have any snow in Logan. We're loving the nice weather, although it's pretty nippy. The end of the semester is coming in a hurry, we both are feeling good about how we're doing in our classes, Matt works so hard there's no way he can not do well.
Also, in other good news, we got an invitation to Jessica and Craig's wedding. I've known Craig since high school and was asked to take their engagement pictures, here are a couple:Getting this invite made me think about the fact that by the time their wedding comes around Matt and I will be celebrating our sixth month anniversary. How fun! Our wedding was so incredible, we always want to go back and relive the day.
We're headed home for Thanksgiving this week and couldn't be more excited, it's always fun to spend time with the fam. Christmas is almost here, Matt and I are still puzzled about what to get everbody. We'll figure it out soon enough! Happy cold weather.


Brett and Lauren said...

I love these pictures by old cars!

The Peterson Family said...

Hi Erin! These pics are amazing! Where were you when I got married?! Cute blog by the way! This will be a great way to keep in touch!