Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Carnival!

Matt and I helped pull off pumpkin bowling at the kid's carnival on Thursday. There was a huge turn-out and our event seemed to be very well-liked. Kids came dressed as princesses and super heroes - it was so fun to see their creativity when it came to their costumes. We frosted cookies, limboed, ate caramel apples and chomped donuts on a string. The event was a fantastic success for the married student area government - congrats to all those who participated in the planning and executing, it was so fun!! Matt dressed up as Alfalfa (I was so impressed with his hairdo which he did himself), and I put my hair in French braid pig-tails to somewhat resemble Darla.

Friday came and we were so excited to head to mom and dad's house for Halloween, Talin and Jen (and the baby in the belly!) came in from Cali and we celebrated in Guitar Hero style! Allie and my aunt Jill were the only ones to dress up, the rest of us were kind-of party poopers. Mom cooked up a feast of chili and corn chowder, we're still full the day after, yummy!
The first day of November brought shopping!! Mom, Al and I headed to the mall to meet Jill and Di for some much needed girl time. We drolled over beautiful shoes and tried on adorable coats before heading to See's Candy for some amazing sweets! We've had such a great weekend! We're now watching some football in true Fall form! Happy daylight savings everyone!

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Talin said...

you girls love the shopping! was matt a little rascal?