Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Movie Time!

I was cleaning house today and wanted to watch a cute movie. "Penelope" has recently become available to watch online with Netflix - I was so excited to hear this. I highly recommend this adorable movie - it's cute modern fairytale about loving you for you! So, if you haven't seen it you need to!I think it's one of Christina Ricci's best roles, and we all know that James McAvoy is completely charming. It's funny and so sweet!
You all know that we've raved about Netflix before - we absolutely love it, we are excited every time we find a new movie pick in the mailbox.
Another film we were able to receive lately is "The Rocker" with Dwight Schrute himself, Rainn Wilson. This movie is so funny! We had never seen it, and were totally surprised that we liked it so much! This 40 something past rocker joins his nephew's band out of necessity and the hilarity ensues. One more movie pick for you today. My friend Allison and I planned a day to go out to see "He's Just Not That Into You," but there were no theatre times that would work around our schedules so we chose "New In Town" starring Rene Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr.A simple tale about a girl forced out of her comfort zone when she is sent from Miami to Minnesota to oversee a major change in the manufacturing company she works for. But I feel the star of the movie is Siobhan Fallon, who you may know from "Men In Black" or "Fools Rush In." I loved her in this movie as Blanche Gunderson, she's so unexpected and brilliant!Happy movie watching everyone!

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