Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun Easter Time and More!

Mom, Dad, Allie and Casey returned from Disneyland all relaxed and glowy! They had a great time playing in sunny Cali! Here's mom and dad getting ready to experience Indiana Jones - I'm pretty jealous.
I love this picture - my sister is so cute!The Saturday before Easter, MASA hosts an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids living around and on campus. Matt was assigned breakfast food for the group and I went with him to help get things set up. A ton of people showed up to hunt for eggs, it was insane - it's a good thing that they had separate egg sections for different age groups, smart thinking on their part. Here's the Libby girl all decked out in her warm, soft bear suit ready to pick up some eggs! So cute!!
Here's the Easter Bunny with our friends Amanda and Mike's son Josh! He slept most of the time and woke up just in time to catch the bunny man!!Matt and I caught some sunshine on the way down to Salt Lake that night - it had been overcast and rainy all day, so this was definitely a mood boost!When we were home my aunts Jill and Diane gave me and Matt gift certificates for our birthdays - this is what I spent mine on! Old Navy has some cute spring styles - this dress also comes in brown.Yesterday Libby's dad Rob informed me that it was grandma's birthday so Libby needed to look extra cute for dinner and an banquet where Rob would be getting an award. We didn't quite come up with something fancy enough, but here's what we got! The jeans look so cute on her - they're a little long, but look adorable cuffed up. These came from Old Navy, too.

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