Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Shoes!

I was checking out the DSW website and found some great spring shoes - I have to say that I'm more into the chunky stuff. I can't decide if I like the white ones (they're kinda cute) and the red Converse are good for any occasion (always comfy, and when they get dirty you can just toss them in the washer - love it!)! I guess I was thinking that if I prepare for warm weather maybe I can will it to get here - maybe not.
When I talked to mom today they were waiting in line for Soaring Over California. They are now sitting in their hotel room enjoying their vacation - *sob. No, I really hope they have a great time, they all deserve some time off to have fun! We'll be there soon!


Elise and John said...

chAll those shoe's are so cute! I can't wait for spring weather, today is looking the closest we'v been so far though with the rain overnight and the green grass coming through, the birds are chirping, thats a good sign right? Anyway, it would be AWESOME if i could borrow your cap and gown, i'll have john figure out some way of getting it, shoot, maybe we should just all get together and do something since i've never even met you! Anyway, thanks again!

Levi and Meg said...

Hmmm... Decisions Decisions..