Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 Wadsworth Reunion!

This last weekend Matt and I headed to Idaho for the Wadsworth Reunion - this year it was Luau themed! We had Hawaiian haystacks and a yummy breakfast of biscuits and gravy. We didn't win anything in the raffle (boo), but we sure had a great time! Matt went golfing multiple times - he was so excited he couldn't stand it! Check out our photo collage - remember that if you click on it you can view it larger to see more detail!
I drove down to Ogden Friday to pick up Allie and Casey - they took Front Runner from Salt Lake so they could ride up with us to give mom and dad more room. Other than getting lost in Ogden (which always seems to happen to me) we bought Matt and me a tent at Wal-mart! It's a six man, Ozark Trail tent! It's our first tent and we're thrilled about it (unfortunately we didn't get a picture of it - maybe mom did). The reunion usually lasts through Friday, Saturday and Sunday - we decided this year to head up on Friday, we hadn't been up that early in years! We were in charge of games and the country store where everyone can bring items to sell or raffle in order raise money for the reunion. Matt and I bought magnets and some yummy poppyseed bread! It was such a blast - and so sad to leave.
Thanks everyone for such a wonderful time!

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Adrienne said...

I ALWAYS get lost in Ogden if I'm driving in on I84. That town is a maze - and trying to get on the freeway? You'd think they could build a south-bound and north-bound entrance in the SAME location. Glad you got a tent though! Happy Camipng :)