Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Into the Weight Loss Groove!

Matt and I have decided, after looking through a plethora of clothes that no longer fit, that we have to loose weight. Weight Watchers will be our method and, inspired by our good friend Amber, we're going to track our progress on our blog! So, here we go!
We've set a goal to loose 20 lbs. each by Christmas. Also, if we reach 35 lbs. each by the time Matt graduates from school in May, we're going to reward ourselves with a fun trip to Disney World! You'll start seeing less of us real soon!
I really want to look like this again!

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Amber said...

This is awesome! I'm glad you and your husband are in it together! Trust me, it helps! Brandon told me that he does bad when I do bad, so it helps me want to be good because I feel guilty-haha. He's a good example to me. Good luck! You're going feel great! I can't wait to read about your progress.