Friday, July 24, 2009

Emily Girl!

We made our way up to Rexburg on Thursday for our sister-in-law Jess' graduation from BYU Idaho. We had an amazing dinner at Stockman's - my sirloin was absolutely amazing, hands down the best stake I've ever eaten. Our dessert was huge and so yummy! We had such a fun time catching up with the fam - we then made our way to campus for commencement. Jess earned her degree in Horticulture - she took us on a tour of the beautiful gardens on campus, she helped build and take care of the many floral displays in the gardens!
We also got to see our so adorable niece, Emily! We hadn't seen her since November - she was only a month old then. Now, she's nine months, crawling all over the place, and Jess and I swear that she said "hi" to us at dinner on Thursday. It was so much fun to watch her and hear her little voice! We were so sad to leave everybody today - hopefully we'll get to see them soon! Until then, here are pics I took with my phone - the real camera photos are coming.

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Ashlie said...

I'm so jealous you guys got to go to Rexburg! I love it there, glad you guys had a good time. Your niece is so adorable!