Saturday, September 19, 2009


I was able to be at the Top of Utah Marathon today. I, of course, was not participating, but I was able to speak to many of the competitors and found them incredibly interesting. Some ran to stay healthy, others in memory of lost loved ones - no matter what cause they ran the 26.2 (!) miles for, it was all an inspiration. I'm terribly jealous of those people who can just run, I've never had the stamina, or want for that matter, to run ten feet - let alone 26.2 miles. Although, today I was thinking that I have few things in my life that I would call goal-reached, during this realization I thought that it might be fun to start venturing into the unknown. Face my fear. So, running is my fear and I will defeat it. I'm making a goal to start running, maybe Matt will join me, and I want to run a 5k by next fall. I'm giving myself some time and if I do it before my allotted goal time then 'go me'! I have to say that I'm going to be starting off slow, running around my apartment, then the apartment complex, until I proceed to taking a loop around the block (and it's a large block that includes athletic facilities).
So wish me luck on my endeavor - everyone has to make one of those goals that may not work, but are totally worth it if we make it. I'm going to make it, I want to feel a sense of accomplishment on something I've work so hard to achieve. The last time I felt that was when I graduated from college - and that was a year ago. So, away we go.
By the way, I really feel like I'm the only one who reads my blog. Just wanted to put that out there.


Sarah said...

Erin, I read your blog! And I love looking at your pictures and reading your thoughts. Go for the 5k! It is fun and definitely a good feeling to finish one. So keep blogging!

By the way, did you know you have a nice husband? He lent me a book that I needed for class and I didn't even ask for it! He is nice.

Scott and Courtney said...

I read your blog!! I just never know what to comment!! :) I love to look at the photos you've taken, though. You are so talented! I also loved the article on your grandpa!