Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Joshua Giraffe!

This is Josh! I've been watching him these last few weeks while his mama has gone back to school. He's only four days older than our cutie nephew Ezra! He's so smiley, I have had so much fun hanigng out with him. He misses mom and dad while they're gone, but I think we're becoming good buds! He's got such a cute little giggle! His mom and dad are so great, I've known them for years - I made their wedding video! So, this is what we've been up to - lots of smiles and "Handy Manny!"
Title courtesy of my awesome sister-in-law, Jen (she sings it to Ezra!)!

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Amanda Bj. said...

ERIN! cute, i love that he laughs for you. You're the best babsitter on erath. thank you so much.