Friday, January 21, 2011


   It has been a crazy month. I feel like January has been more difficult, so far, than December - and December was lets-drive-everywhere month. We started paying off our very first large purchase, a car. We are starting to pay off my student loans - the worst decision I ever made. We haven't slept in in I don't remember how long. And it just dawned on me that my baby sister will graduate from high school this year.
   My grandpa fell and broke his femur about two weeks ago, so we've been spending a lot of time in the hospital with him. He's doing just fine, although if you ask him he might tell you otherwise - plus the hospital no longer smells clean, it smells like an old-folks home, yuck. Our cousin Dale is still waiting for a liver, he's been on the donor list for a long time - we pray for him every day (he's in a non-stinky hospital)!
   Matt and I have had little time to spend together - we try to stay up and hang out on weeknights, but I've been so tired lately I end up getting in bed way too early. We thought that maybe we could swing going on a vacation this year - we were excited to get our taxes taken care of so we could use the money to get lost, but Matt found out he has to take a class this summer - big bummer! The university let him graduate without taking Utah Geography, apparently a crucial class when trying to teach in Utah. Thanks USU! So, it looks like we'll head up Logan canyon for a picnic - that will be our vacation this year because of insane tuition prices for just ONE class.
    Photography has taken a back seat since I got a day job, but hopefully will pick up again soon now that the sun is sticking around a bit longer each day. Matt asked me earlier this month, 'Why don't you take pictures anymore?'
   To which I replied, 'You know, it would help if the sun wasn't down when I got off work - maybe I could squeeze in a few shots.' But no, it's still winter and I miss the sun. So much!
Even though I complain, I know that we are so lucky! What's another year without a true vacation?
  All I have to say is I want to -
eat this

travel around the country in this

vacation here

and here

and here

with him

We have some saving to do. But we'll do it all!
Happy Friday!

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Allie said...

Look at that nice picture of Matt! hahaha