Monday, January 24, 2011

I used to

   I used to be a more exciting, fun, carefree person. I don't know what has happened in the last five years, but I've made a switch - and I don't like it. I find that I'm irritable about everything, I used to drive down the road and not yell at other drivers. I used to not be bothered by the screaming children in church or at the store. I used to love the weather, no matter how gloomy - I used to have a great attitude about the changing seasons.
   I don't know if this is all coming about because I'm getting older, but I really don't like it. 
   I know that life can bog us down, literally, but there is no reason not to celebrate our lives every day. Maybe I'm just feeling like having a bit of a pity party today - nothing is ever as bad as I think it is. I suppose arguing with my husband about not wanting to go to work this morning was a bit juvenile - it made me feel like I was eight years old again, fighting with my mom about not going to school. It's possible that Mondays just bring out the cranky, crazy Erin.
   There is no way to say how much I need sunshine and warm weather, but for now I have to deal with our Cache Valley yuck. Pity party, pity party. Pity party.
   I did, however, buy jeans for less than $10 at Old Navy this week, and they were a size smaller than I usually wear :) 
   We all get bored. We all get complacent. The key is to learn how to dig our way out and find our own bliss. Maybe mine is not using up a sick day just because I don't want to get out of bed, but maybe it is.
   I will try my best to not put on my cone-shaped hat and pull out my noise maker for my pity parties - I will find a way to not complain, because my life is amazing. So, I guess what I'm trying feebly to get at is that I should never look down on all that I have, all that I love. I'm so lucky, and I should not take life so seriously.
   Life's hard, a big, messy challenge, and we are defined by how we get through it. 
   Now, something funny. I know I needed it.
Have a fantastic week!

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Sarah said...

I understand how you feel sometimes. When I feel that way I have to force myself to just do something out of the ordinary to perk myself up. Have a lovely day!