Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Shows We Love!

Love <3
'2 Broke Girls'
Max & Caroline are two accidental friends living in Brooklyn, working at a run-down diner. They also aspire to own a cupcake shop - Max makes excellent cupcakes and Caroline has a keen business sense (thanks to her formerly-weathly past).
This show is hilarious! I love the dry wit of Kat Denning (Max) and clueless-but-not sass of Beth Behrs (Caroline). They work well together and the supporting cast is fabulous!
*must watch

When I first saw the previews for this show I thought I would hate it - Whitney seemed particularly annoying. But, I have to say that after the first episode I was hooked. Whitney has great timing and I absolutely love the supporting cast, especially her boyfriend Alex. It's great to see an ensemble cast keep up with the title character. 
I have to say for the first time in years that this show might be my new 'Friends.' Yep, I said it.
*must watch

'Pan Am'
All I can say is beautiful! From the costumes to the make up, sets, cinematography - it's just beautiful! And I love that the situations portrayed on the show are based on real Pan Am happenings. The actors work well together and the story premise is great. It's obviously ABC and gorgeously made.

'Once Upon a Time'
The double lives of fairytale characters - I love it! The Evil Queen has created a curse that has transported every fairytale character to the real world where time has stopped and no one remembers anything. The only one that can help is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming - Emma. I must say that I wasn't sold with the first episode, but the second and third really got me hooked.

'Up All Night'
 You can't go wrong with Maya Rudolph, Christina Applegate and Will Arnett. I'm just sayin'.

Shows we are still loving after multiple seasons of awesomeness:
'The Office'
'Modern Family'

Shows we wish were still on:
'Accidentally on Purpose'

These are the five shows I've added to my watching roster - I hope they stick around! I think they're worth a watch - let me know what you think!

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Sarah said...

I don't watch much TV, but Andrew and I have been watching (and enjoying) Pan Am!