Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm on picture overload!

Wow, I have a busy new week ahead of me - but I'm excited about it!! I have major editing to start and finish, I love it!! Here are a few recents - much, much more to come!!
These are our friends Briana and T! They wanted some couple shots, not engagements since they've been married for a while, and Briana needed graduation photos! Did I mention that Briana designed my amazing logo? Well she did - you can visit her website here. She's awesome - I LOVE my logo!!
Here are a couple of my sister and her boyfriend, Casey. They're not engagements (they are WAY too young for that). We were out taking SBO campaign photos for Allie and I snapped these. 
P.S. Matt got the job! I'm so proud of him!!

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