Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

So, Matt and I got back from a quick trip to see my parents today. Our weekend started off with a 5 a.m. wake-up on Saturday to make it to Matt's brother Scott's graduation from Green River High School. We had to be there by 10 and we ended up making great time - we got there at 9, which is uncharacteristically timely for us (mostly me, I tend to take longer getting ready). Anyway, the best thing about this weekend was getting to spend a ton of time with my hubby. I love that if I have a terrible day, where nothing goes right and everyone is on my back, I can snuggle up next to him and he makes it all melt away. At the end of the day he's the one who tells me I'm good enough, smart enough, brave enough and all together awesome enough to keep going.
I know that I always include a photo in my posts, but this time I'm going to have to ask for your pardon. I'm working feverishly to catch up with my photo-stuffed computer. It takes a lot of time to edit, some don't realize how much - but I sit at that desk every day and I'm surprised at how this work makes me feel, I love what I see through my camera lens. I hope that I can continue to do this thing that I love.
I'm more busy than I thought I ever would be and I feel so blessed because of it.
I have an incredibly supportive family - most of the time I don't deserve it.
I wish everyone a happy June - I look forward to showing you lots more pictures!

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Sarah said...

I know how it is to be busy! And you do have a great husband. He is nice to everyone! Have fun with all of your edits you have. And happy anniversary! It's coming right up!