Monday, June 21, 2010

Someone is asking, 'What is new?'

Just a little tip of the hat to one of my favorite movies, 'Ratatouille' - I love it!
Anyway, here are a few teaser pics. This is what is new!
Rochelle's graduation pics.
Christa & Matt's wedding.
Zac's missionary portraits.
Stay tuned for more! I also have a busy weekend coming up! So excited!


Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures Erin! And handsome for the missionary.

Amanda Bj. said...

You are so busy! I'm excited for you. You pictures are so awesome, I was bragging about you the other day to another friend of mine who is doind photography. She had a birth stoy photo set taken. Jealous, because they looked so beautiful and when i saw them I thought of you because you first showed them to me. Ah, I wish I had the money for it. Have you moved yet?