Monday, February 7, 2011

Photo of the Week #2

   I totally missed our photo of the week last week. I was sick on Friday, nothing serious - just annoying. I made my way to Salt Lake to see my fam for about 24 hours, I then came home and Matt and I made our way to the temple to support his cute cousin in receiving her endowment. So, it was another busy weekend, filled with much sweetness!
   You will be getting two photos of the week this week. I love it!
   This one comes from the ah-mazing Lindsey Stewart, owner of Green Apple Photography right here in Utah. She's fabulous - shoots with film and rocks the house!
   I totally love the simplicity of this photo - so serene.

   Can't believe it's Monday again - but we'll get through it together! Here's to milk mustaches and pirate adventures!
   A picture of our nephew! We love! An extra photo of the week for you - maybe I will do two each week, one personal and one from some other peeps.
   My brother, sister-in-law and newphew (the one photoed below) went to the beach yesterday - have you ever seen me super jealous? Well, here it is :)

   Much love to you on this Monday - have one of those weeks that make you laugh so hard you pee a little!

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