Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo of the week #4

   It has been a crazy, albeit slow, week. I got on Facebook yesterday to find a huge ordeal unfolding right before my eyes. Jonathan Canlas and Ryan Muirhead, both prominent photographers from Utah, had been totally ripped off. A young girl from Bountiful had taken their photos, placed her watermark on them, posted them on her blog and claimed them to be hers. She did the same with photos from, at least, 4 other photographers. It was absolute insanity. I was in shock - totally obsessed.
   This just goes to show that nothing on the internet is safe. Also, when choosing a photographer, make sure that you do some digging. Talk to some of their former clients if you can. Get a sense of who they are and pay close attention to their style - if there is a huge difference in style over a short period of time, you might want to check in to that. Just be smart and cautious when it comes to spending your money. 
   Another thing to remember, copyright infringement is illegal. Stealing is illegal.
   So, on that note, my photos of the week will come from personal sources. Even though I always give credit to the photographers I feature on this blog, I will now be a little more scrutinizing about how I deal with such things. Remember to always ask for permission when using another's photos - even if it's just to put them up on your personal blog. As a photographer I now understand to the full extent what that means.  
   Our photos of the week are as follows:
   My mom was on the drill team in high school. She's been having me help her scan pictures in from those days - she loves putting them on Facebook! They are so fun to look at! My mom is the middle.
   Next is one of my mom and dad right before they got married!
   I love this one!
    Have a wonderful weekend! 

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