Thursday, March 10, 2011


   I am so in love with these songs right now.    

   So, press play and watch the videos, then play them again while looking at this photosite. This photographer is fabulous!
   I woke up with a stupid sore throat this morning. I hate that we can build skyscrapers and fly around the world but we can't stop the common cold in its tracks. No matter how many Emergen-Cs I force myself to drink or Cold-Eeze drops I eat (that make my mouth taste really bad), I can never seem to shake the inevitable. Every Spring, like clockwork, along comes my semi-annual cold. Blast!
   Anyway, this song makes me feel a little better. It makes me think of warmer days in California - the majority of my daydreaming right now is me and Matt taking a bike ride along the beach. Now if only I could speed up the Netflix process and get all the seasons of 'Chuck' online, I would be as good as I can be while ill.
   Happy Thursday!

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