Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo(s) of the Week!

   This week was a creeper, I think I saw a snail whiz by at some point. But, no matter, it's over and now I will spend quality time with my husband and sewing machine. We're still trying to get our stuff together to go on our trip this June - it's so expensive to go anywhere! So sad that our Aggies lost last night, but they should be uber proud of the season they so awesomely completed.
   We're approaching our 350th post! Check back for a little giveaway, we want to thank our wonderful followers for their love! 
   Now, on to photos of the week!
   This one comes from the amazingly talented You Look Nice Today Photography group based out of Porland, OR. I love their stuff - all film and gorgeous! You really should take the time to check out their site! 
   And here is a super cute photo of my nephew taken by my brother's iPhone. I really, really want one!!
   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! They never last long enough.
   Much love!

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