Saturday, March 5, 2011

Photo of the Week #6

   I know I say this a lot but this week has been pretty slow. Sorry I forgot to post the photo of the week yesterday. My mom and sister drove up to shop for prom dresses. It's my baby sister's last prom, I can't believe she's graduating. So, I left work early so I could join in on the fun. It was supposed to be Cupcake Friday with our friends Ammon and Emma, so I was lazy and bought cupcakes instead of making them - they were still good and didn't mess up my kitchen (the kitchen that was clean when I got home, by the way, Matt cleaned the kitchen! I love him!). 
   I haven't taken photos since January, if you don't count the photo shoot I had with my sewing machine this week, so I've been missing my camera. I've decided that since it's a nice day I might take my camera along with me on an errand run. We're feeding the missionaries tonight, I think I will make breakfast food and we can have a brunch for dinner, a Binner if you will.
   Our first photo of the week comes from Jill Devries, another fabulous photographer that I blog-stalk. She works mainly in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I love this photo - everything about it.
   The second is from the second engagement shoot I ever had. I really enjoyed this shoot, I was so nervous - I still get really nervous. But I think I've improved and I'm ready to get better. For me, not for anyone else. Remember my New Year's resolution was to photograph for me and figure out why it's for me. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!

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Ash said...

Hi Erin, this is Ashlie Fackrell, I don't know if you remember me . . We were in your ward at Aggie Village. I have been blog stalking you for a while now. Glad that you guys are doing well. I am coming out of hiding to ask you a really random question, what kind of camera bag do you have? We just got a DSLR and I hate the huge bulky bag it came with. I am no professional, just a mom that doesn't want to have to carry such a big bag! I've looked around but can't really find anything I like. Do you have any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


PS We have a blog too, but it's private. Let me know if you'd like an invite.