Friday, December 12, 2008

College is over for Erin (well, if I passed my math test)!

We've had a pretty busy week. I only had one final, but Matt had four. So, while running around dizzy, we started to realize that we're almost done with the semester - I'm almost done with my college life. I have to say that I started to cry at the end of my test, it's not that I'm going to miss the tests (yuck), or the insanely high cost of this institution, but I am going to miss the experience of being a student - also my test was hard and I shed some tears of difficulty. But, it has ended, I'm still waiting for my final grade in the class, the last step to getting my name on my Bachelor of Science degree.
Matt has done so well this semester - a 4.0 for my handsome man! I can't believe all the things he does, and does well. I'm so in awe of what he gets done on a day by day basis - he works so very hard!
We've also discovered Netflix and we love it! We started our free trial and opened the envelope to a whole new world. On one of our Netflix envelopes there was an ad for, a site that rents video games (just like Netflix). Matt is so excited that he now has something to do during his break from school, unfortunately I have to work still - it's really hitting me hard that I don't get to vacation with him.
We wish everyone a very merry Christmas - be safe and have fun!

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