Monday, December 29, 2008

Snowed in on Christmas!

I can't believe another Christmas is over, but we're so looking forward to the new year. Matt and I drove up to Wyoming on the 23rd and spent the day visiting with his mom and grandma before heading to his dad's to spend the night. On Christmas Eve we drove back to his mom's (they're only about half an hour apart) and spent the night at her house. We ate yummy finger foods and played "A Christmas Story" Monopoly which Matt's brother Scott gave us - Matt loves the movie, and the game is so fun, although Scott killed us.
We had a wonderful time opening presents on Christmas morning, Matt got a shirt and tie from his mom and step-dad while I got a police-man cookie jar that yells for you to stay out of the cookies. (Photo: Us on Christmas morning!)
We then made our way down to Matt's dads for a family party and a delicious dinner. Matt's cousin's five boys had a great time with balloons gram had purchased for them to play with, and Scott (who is 17) also had a blast making things that some-what resembled animals with the balloons.
After the party we were going to drive down to my house near Salt Lake but the snow in Utah was too heavy and we decided to stay the night. It was hard not to see my family on Christmas, Matt's family was so warm and caring about it, they wanted to know what traditions they could do to make me feel more at home. So, all-in-all we had a fabulous Christmas.
The day after we were able to get to my house to have a feast with my fam. My aunts and uncle came over with my cousins and we had fun playing games and chatting. Our holiday was awesome! We hope yours was as well!Allie and her friend Casey on the 26th.

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