Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Goose is Fat!

Christmas is here - well, in three days, and Matt and I have had such a great time preparing for our first Christmas together. I made my way down to snowy Salt Lake on Friday to attend my friend Craig's sealing in the temple - it was so beautiful and reminded me of how Matt and I felt on our wedding day, Craig and Jessica were grinning from ear to ear, you could tell by the way they sparkled that they are truly in love. Also, it started to snow the minute they walked out of the temple and didn't stop all day.(Photo: Craig and Jessica Hovorka)
I then made my way home with my friend Brandon, we caught up and had great conversation on the way to mom and dad's house. We ate a snack, and mom was so excited to see Brandon. (Photo: Brandon and his cute girlfriend Amber). We then left at 1:30 to make our way up to Bountiful for the luncheon at Robintino's. It took us a hour to get up there, but we arrived at the same time as the bride and groom, so we figured we weren't late at all.
After eating my chicken Parmesan, I went home - took me almost an hour and a half - and drove my sister to her last choir performance of the Christmas season. It was a total high school flash back for me, choir is the activity that I miss the most. After the concert we went home to prepare for her friends to come over to party - for those of you who haven't attended a party at our house, mom can throw one amazing party. Mom and I went back up to Bountiful where we caught the last two minutes of Craig and Jessica's reception, in fact they were heading upstairs to change when we walked through the door. So, I cut into their wedding cake and stuffed my face with fondant goodness while mom chatted it up with Craig's fam.
We picked up McDonald's on the way home and partied with the high school kids until about 1 a.m. We watched "Mama Mia," a movie I highly recommend!
Well, that was my busy Friday, we followed it up with some Saturday shopping and then I had to drive home to work - I was so happy to get home to my husband who had gotten all of his shopping done for me - everything was wrapped and put under the tree. I love him!
Merry Christmas everyone, we hope you get everything you wished for!

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