Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adventures in Wyoming and then some!

We finally got a chance to load our pictures onto our computer, so I thought I'd load a couple to illustrate our time in Wyoming and what we did with our lives around the holidays. First off, here are a couple pics from Craig and Jessica's blizzard wedding. It was so cold, it started snowing the minute they walked out of the temple - see if you can spot the snow.
Next up comes our time in Wyoming. Matt and I got snowed in for Christmas and were able to spend extra time with the Anderson fam. Here are a few from our adventures.Matt's brother Scott in his new truck.On the frozen creek near the ranch.Last, but not least, our family fun at my parent's house for New Year's eve. Jill, Diane and our friends the Christensens came over for games and food. We also went to see Jim Carey in "Yes Man," which was so funny - we loved seeing Jim Carey return to what he does best!ROCK BAND!Oh, and congrats to Colleen who pulled off a first in our family game of Russian Rummy. She was dealt this hand and stuck us all with big points! Good going!

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