Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cali Fun with the Baby!!

Tal and Jen asked me to come out to California for the week to watch baby Ezra while Jen went back to work for a week. I flew in on Sunday and was greeted by Talin at the airport - I hadn't seen Tal in about a year, so it was awesome to get a big hug from my big bro!
We've had a fabulous couple of days - they took me out to Half Moon Bay on Sunday, the weather was beautiful. We took Ezra out to see the waves, I was holding him when a really big one came up, we all made a little "oh-no" noise and he got really scared when the water came up. It was so sad. But he did love the sand - such a cute boy! Tal and Jen have just spoiled me since I've been here, I love them!! Here are a few photos to document my fun times here in gorgeous California!View from my seat on the plane.Ready to head to the beach!Hanging out with Daddy!Oh, good morning!Rolled all the way over to see what's in Aunt Erin's purse!Ready for our walk! Everyone thought he was so cute! He was so cool, just sittin' thinking, "Yeah, I rock this carrier!"Multi-tasking with the Ugly Doll in his mouth and reaching for another toy!

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The Parks said...

Your mom has been so excited for you to be over there spending time with that baby! I hope you are having fun!