Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Cali Fun!

I went to town taking pictures on my phone while in California last week! Ezra is such a willing and wonderful subject to take pics of - most of the time he was reaching for my phone, he knows exactly what we're doing - it's so great! I had such a fantastic time, I am so blessed that I was able to go spend that time with Tal, Jen and Ezra!!
You're going to make me eat more of that, Aunt Erin?
Thinkin' I'm a little sleepy, but still want to play!Tal drew this little monster and I embroidered it onto a burp cloth for Ezra. Jen has totally gotten me back into the cross stitch thing - I can't stop! I love it!Ezra fell asleep on one of our adventures!Jen also taught me how to sew baby legwarmers! These I did by hand, but later on during the week Jen purchased a sewing machine and we went to town on all sorts of projects!Yum, I will eat my shoe!Out for a walk on a brisk day - he looks so cute in his beanie!Ezra discovered that my shirt was yellow one day and decided to attack it. He sat there for a long time leaning back and then went in for the kill, leaving my sleeve covered in baby slobber!Ezra likes to chomp on many things!I love his face in this one. Waiting for Caltrain! He was such a good boy. We missed the first train because Aunt Erin didn't know what side of the track to stand on, so he was very patient when we had to wait for the next one. Then we only went one stop over, so we were only on the train for five minutes or so. But it was fun! His first ride on the train!Here we are finally on the train heading to Burlingame Avenue where we did us some shopping!I found these socks at American Apperal and turned them into legwarmers! So cute! This shot was taken on our way to the airport to catch my ride home. I already think he looks just like Talin, especially in this shot!As you can obviously tell I had a great time. The frozen Indian meals from Trader Joe's were absolute heaven - I ate one almost everyday - sorry for eating all your naan you guys! Thank you for an unforgetable week!!

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Jen said...

Oh man Erin you got the best pictures! That little boy loves you so much! Thank you for the ADORABLE burp cloth and leg warmers!! I can't thank you enough for coming out-and I can't WAIT to play with you again!