Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Year!

Matt and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Thursday. We made a big plan about a month ago to go to the zoo and Lagoon, plus a Bee's game. Well, we figured Lagoon was a little out of our price range to we decided on the Bee's game Wednesday night, where they lost to the Sky Sox 8-6 (and we maintain it was all the first baseman's fault). We had hot dogs and peanuts - it rained a little, but what kind of true baseball fan walks out on a game because of a little rain? We didn't and we had such a blast; our seats were awesome, on the first base side, row seven! We also rode Trax to and from the game.

On Thursday we decided we needed to hit Ab's - the site of our wedding luncheon. We had a terrific meal of burgers and fries and then headed downtown. I had a doctor's appointment (what a great thing to have on your anniversary, but it was the only time she could get me in), but after, we went to the Salt Lake temple. Matt wanted to go to the London Market, located across the street from Trolley Square, for some snacks before our next adventure, which was supposed to be the zoo, but we decided it had gotten to late to be able to stay and look at everything.
Earlier that day I had given mom and Allie my credit card and told them to find us a reasonably proce hotel room to stay in for the night. Matt and I were not to keen on sleeping in my parent's house for our one year anniversary, so I thought it would be wonderful to stay at Little America, where we stayed on our wedding night. So I surprised Matt with a hotel stay, he was so excited not to have to spend the night at mom and dad's (even though we love them, I'm sure you understand).
We had a great dinner at the Coffee Shop in the hotel and room service breakfast in the morning! After check-out we went to the Gateway to watch, "Year One," the new movie starring Jack Black and Michael Cera. It was stupid, funny in parts and overall, kind of gross - but I always tell people to make their own judgements on movies, so go see it if you want.
What a great annivesary - it's so awesome that we've reached one year! I truly love my wonderful husband with all my heart - he's the only one who can put up with me, and that's the truth! Love you, honey! I look forward to 100 more anniversaries with you!!


Sarah said...

I'm so happy for you two! Congratulations!

Jen said...

awwww! What a fun anniversary. I can't believe how much stuff you guys got in!! Happy 1 year you two! =)