Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Design for our Lives

I don't know if many of you know that my brother Talin is a talented graphic design artist. He's worked so hard to get where he is and he constantly continues to amaze me with his creative eye. I was browsing around the website of the company he works for and decided to pull out some pics so you can all see the kind of amazing work they do. It's so fun to see Tal's work on display for the world to see. When you're looking at something like this do you truly appreciate the countless hours designers, photographers - artists! - spend on this? Not really, but it's so cool when you start to view everything as design - the very chair your sitting in, whether ugly or architecturally brilliant, was actually conceptualized by someone for the simple purpose of giving your butt a space to rest. It blows my mind when I think that everything we see, touch and even sit on has been carefully thought out - wow! And my brother contributes to that, you get to see his work! I love my brother so much and want him to know how very proud of him I am! And on top of all that he does work-wise, he also has a beautiful wife Jen (who is an an amazing mom and teacher!) and baby, Ezra - he's just awesome!
So here's to all of you designers, we thank you for the chairs we sit in, books to marvel at and many more, innumerable, things that surround us constantly!
Much love!
The Jewish Film Festival Poster Tal designed, and some of the exhibits he helped with for the California Academy of Sciences!
The gorgeous Wadsworth fam - pictures taken by Skye Johansen.

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Jen said...

Awwwww Erin! That post is adorable!!! What a sweet sister you are! How lucky are we? I will second your "hoorah for designers"! It really does blow my mind what a hard-working, talented man your brother is. I feel so lucky to be his wife. =)