Friday, January 16, 2009

Defeating the Common Cold.

I started getting sick on Monday. The sore throat opened the gate to all sorts of phlegm. Luckily I've had the chance to get lots of rest and I feel like I'm on the mend. I've taken ibuprofen along with Tylenol Cold. When the Tylenol ran out I mixed Benadryl with Malox (always mix equal parts, I mix two teaspoons of each) this does wonders for a sore throat, it can also be used on a nasty canker sore. Anyway, this mixture numbs the throat, and usually puts me to sleep so I typically take it at night.
Well, I know this has been a very interesting blog entry, you'd think that I could come up with something better now that I've been on my couch for four days.
I do, however have some things to add about the Golden Globes. I so enjoyed seeing Kate Winslet win twice, she's so amazing to watch.
I don't know about Mickey Rourke, he looked extremely disheveled.

One of my favorite shows, "30 Rock" had a great night, I love everything that Tina Fey does, she's so hilarious.
I'm also so excited that American Idol has started up again. And, for those of you who missed the last episode of "The Office" go to to watch it!
So, in short, the best way to beat the common cold is television, a wonderful husband and an awesome boss who totally understands. Happy middle of January, here's to warmer weather sooner!

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The Waltons said...

Ah, thanks for the encouragement Wadsy, er uh, Andy? How does it feel to be bumped to the top of the alphabet? I got demoted...