Sunday, January 18, 2009

Seven Months for Erin & Matt!

Today marks seven months in our married life! Matt and I were married on June 18, 2008 in the Salt Lake City temple. It was such a gorgeous day. We had a wonderful time with family and friends - we constantly want to go back and relive the it over again. I woke up on our wedding day and headed to get my hair done at 6 a.m. My good friend Allison went with me, she was so amazing all day! (photo: Allison and her husband Travis) My hair was done a bit early so Allison and I stopped off at Wild Oats and picked up a muffin and some water - I was starving.
We then arrived at the temple and Matt soon followed. Our sealing was so beautiful, family and friends were in the room with us - I'll always look back and remember that feeling when we sat waiting to be sealed. Our photographer Rebekah Westover, who was with us all day, organized our family and friends beautifully on the temple steps to get some memorable shots. We then had one-on-one time with Rebekah.Our luncheon was at Ab's Drive-In in West Jordan! It was so much fun! I can tell you that going casual on the luncheon was the best. Weddings have become so personal, you can pretty much do whatever you want on your day. From there I went to get a touch-up on my hair and we made our way to Millcreek Inn for our reception. I must say that getting everything in one spot for the reception was a genius idea. I told every vendor we worked with that one of the most important parts of the day was keeping my mom cool - I wanted no stress to go her way. (Above: Matt's friend Skyler wrote a song just for us and performed it at our reception.)(Below: we have a tradition in our family that the father puts the garter on and the husband takes it off. This is me and my dad at Millcreek Inn just before the reception.)We also had a photo booth at the reception. Every guest got in and six pictures were taken. The guests got the keep three and we kept the rest in our guest book - I recommend this for everyone!Seven months ago we experienced the best day of our lives! I love you, honey! Being with you has been the most fantastic, incredible, funny and exciting time of my life - I'm so glad you picked me!

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