Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dreaming of You Tonight!

I've been dreaming of a vacation lately - I know that we're busy and don't really have time to take off right now, but we're saving up for this trip! Matt has never been to Disney World - and I haven't been in 11 years! So our next fam vacation will be here...Also, we got this post card a few days ago.Our good friends Chris and Brittany got engaged over Spring Break and this is how they broke the news to everyone! How cute is that? They are such an amazing couple, perfect for each other. Congratulations Chris and Brittany, we're so excited for you!

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Kayla Daun said...

This is true, that would be super sweet as well-when as I've been talking to him too he's said that it would be nice to have it be a surprise, soOoOO maybe I'll end up doing that. I will be wearing my temple dress in there, it'd be too big of a pain to lug the dress around i feel,but it'd be a good surprise to see him after and surprise him that way...and i suppose there will be enough pictures taken on the day of, and if i want any taken later then i could just have a friend take them if I so desired to have more..*sigh* ah the joys of my indecisiveness! :) so thank you, I appreciate it!! :)I love you, it looks like you guys are way happy :) You'll have to give me your address so i can send you an invite! :)