Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad's birthday is tomorrow! Happy b-day, daddy! I just wanted to let everyone know how amazing my dad is. He is the most intelligent, kind and funny man - I always know that dad is there to help and encourage me to be my best. I have so many fond memories of dad - 7-11 runs for a Coke and Hostess Lemon Pie, watching him play baseball and softball, playing catch, mowing the lawn, quoting movies and putting things together (he's the reason I know so much about my car!). Dad has always told us to be who we are and have a positive outlook on life - he also taught us how to read the book and figure it out for ourselves before we ask for help, he knew we could do it. I also love experiencing new things, going to Disneyland, and looking at really cool cars and planes with dad - it's so great when he sees something that makes him act like a kid! We love you dad and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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