Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Attempt.

I tried something new today. Matt's been sick and hasn't been that hungry, the one thing that sounded good to him was donuts, so I thought I'd make them myself. I found a recipe that wouldn't require me to go to the store, I'm not in the mood for that today, and I set to work in the kitchen. We have a deep fryer, but not enough oil to fill it so I decided to just use a sauce pan with the oil we had. At first the oil wasn't hot enough, then it was too hot - I tried rolling the dough into bigger and smaller spheres, but I had no luck getting them cooked through. Most got burnt or remained doughy. Matt was so nice and supportive, he ate them and kept saying that I was doing a great job. They're really not as bad as they look, but still didn't turn out the way I wanted.So, here's to trying and failing, but still being willing to try again! I'm hoping next time will be better, I'm going to find a new recipe - I don't think this one was too good.

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