Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Splurgie!

Mom and Allie came up to visit last weekend, mostly to pick up Allie's prom dress - she bought it from the same place I purchased my wedding dress, Belle Bridal. We ended up having lunch at Firehouse Pizza in Smithfield and also found our way to a couple boutiques. We headed to the fabric store, mom was looking for material for a baby quilt she's making for a friend. While there I found this awesome material!How cute, huh? I love the colors - I was thinking it would make an adorable baby quilt, when Matt and I get around to that part of our lives. I wanted to buy every bolt of material that matched this stuff also, they had yellows and pinks - I wish!Matt was being silly last night. I brought in towels from the dryer (when I say brought in I mean from our storage area out on our balcony, our dryer hooks up in there) and Matt decided he would put the warm towels on his head. My husband is soooo cute! He's so busy this week, he has lots of papers and projects. It never fails that everything is due at the same time - but he's so good at working under a deadline!
Happy almost Spring weather - lets hope for some warmer days!

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