Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And Now My First Movie Review

   Matt took me to see 'Beastly' last night and me being all-too-curious and generally in love with the 'Beauty and the Beast' story, I enjoyed it. My awesome husband surprised me and had already looked up the movie times - he knew what he was doing. This movie skipped from the full-priced theatres pretty fast, which led me to believe it was not well received, and I can understand why. I hate to make movie choices based on what others say, I can usually tell for myself if I'm going to like it - with the exception of a few, 'Because I Said So,' to name one. Too bad, too. It looked so cute - but that's another story.
   Vanessa Hudgens was gorgeous as was the male lead, Alex Pettyfer. But gorgeousness, as we have learned, does not a great actor make. I'm not saying that I'm gorgeous or a good actor, something to remember. Both spoke a little too fast, I had to ask Matt every so often, 'What did he say?' But maybe that was me. The story line was hurried through four seasons, we barely saw what they did between Fall and Spring. So, with the loss of six months I had a hard time finding out how they got from one point to another. It follows the Disney version pretty close with the daddy problem and Kyle (the Beast) getting upset when the girl stays in her room for a while. Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts are filled in with a housekeeper and tutor. Ah, the tutor, Neal Patrick Harris, the funniest part of the movie. At times he was holding it all up by himself. Mary-Kate Olsen was pretty good as a witch, her wardrobe pretty much wore her.
   Well, without boring you to a crisp, I must say that there are some sweet parts where Hudgens and Pettyfer shine. All in all, I liked it. Wouldn't object to watching it again. But I'm one of those that watch 'High School Musical' when I want a feel-good movie. 
   So, take it for what you will. It has some really amazing shots of New York. 
Lots of love!

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