Friday, April 15, 2011

The Weekend is Calling

   This is the first weekend in a while that has me all excited to be outside. It might be a little rainy, but we're at the point of no return - if it snows, it's doesn't stay around long! Yes! First I have to tell Yulese that your prize is coming, it's just taking a bit longer than I thought and thank you for your patience!
   We went to my cousin Morgan's wedding last night - so cute! We had such a blast, we always love hanging out with our rockin' family!
   It's been a long week. I have three more hours and of work and then it's 'Chuck' and couch city (in reality I will be washing dishes and maybe get in a little sewing). But for now, it's back to work - my lunch breaks are never long enough and I'm officially out of annual leave time until July (with little sick time left, also). So, here's to my attempts to stay healthy so I don't go in the negative. Anyway.
   I finished up McKenzie and Cory's pics this week and I really love them. Here are a couple more.
   Now go and have some fun this weekend.

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Yulese said...

I think you were actually inspired to choose the prize that you did for me - I have been in desperate need of Thank You cards. I used to buy them in Park City at the Paper Outlet, but they shut-down about a year ago, and I've not bought any since.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I love reading you blog! I, too, love photography, so looking at all the photos you post on the blog is so fun!