Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

   I know that some people are sick of hearing about the royal wedding, but I have to say that I am ecstatic. It's so romantic! Kate Middleton is doing something that most girls only dream of, write about, swoon over, pass out cold over -  she's marrying an actual prince. I love the splendor of it all, if we could have gone to England for the occasion, we would have. In a time of such pain and unrest it's nice that we have some joy to celebrate in our world. So, the world will be watching - even I might stay up to see Kate's gotta-be-gorgeous dress. 
   Here's to love, weddings and eternal bliss - I certainly married my prince and now Kate will marry hers! How fabulous!
   For this occasion I will now feature some of my favorite photos of the royal family - enjoy!

Prince William and Catherine Middleton

   I also love that instead of gifts they would like everyone to give to their favorite charities!

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Sarah said...

I also loved that too! I'm glad they are focusing on people who need help, and not on superfluous things they don't need.