Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekly Photo by me!

   Last Saturday I shot a fabulous engagement session - it's so easy to shoot awesome people, I love it! My sister came along to help and we got to spend the day together - love that even more! We had such a fantastic time with McKenzie and Cory - I got to work with McKenzie a couple summers ago and, small world, our moms worked together when we lived in Magna!
   So, here is our photo of the week - by me, we haven't seen that in a while!
    See what I mean, this one just blew me away! Plus McKenzie has epic skin, so I barely had to touch this photo.
   I feel like the only posts I have on this blog are Photos of the Week. Hopefully with the weather getting better (but not really since there's 5 inches of snow outside, blah) and photos coming back into the forefront with the busy wedding season, I'll be blogging about more than my favorite photos taken by other people. Plus we're going to have some major adventures this summer, New York and such, so we will have lots to show you.
   I have a photo class tomorrow - so excited! More about that soon!
   Have a wonderful Friday - I'm going to cook some yummy dinner tonight!

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